Snorkeling in Phuket

Family Trip Phuket : 3 Days Best things to do

Phuket, Thailand is a popular destination for families due to its beautiful beaches, stunning scenery, and endless activities. If you’re planning a 3-day family trip to Phuket, here are some of the best things to do:

Day 1:

Old Town Phuket

Visit Phuket Old Town:

Phuket Old Town is a charming and historic area of Phuket with colorful Sino-Portuguese buildings, trendy cafes, and art galleries. It’s a great place to explore and learn about the history and culture of Phuket.

Explore the Big Buddha:

The Big Buddha is a 45-meter tall white marble statue located at the top of Nakkerd Hill. It offers stunning panoramic views of Phuket and is a great place for a family photo.

Enjoy the Beach:

After a busy day of sightseeing, head to one of Phuket’s beautiful beaches, such as Kata Beach or Karon Beach, to relax and enjoy the sun and sea.

Day 2:

Visit an Elephant Sanctuary:

Phuket is home to several elephant sanctuaries where you can learn about these gentle giants and even feed and bathe them. It’s a unique and educational experience for the whole family.

Phang Nga Bay

Explore Phang Nga Bay:

Phang Nga Bay is known for its stunning limestone cliffs and turquoise water. Take a boat tour of the bay and explore the famous James Bond Island and the floating village of Koh Panyee.

Visit the Splash Jungle Water Park:

The Splash Jungle Water Park is a fun and exciting place for the whole family to cool off and have fun. With water slides, lazy rivers, and wave pools, there’s something for everyone.

Day 3:

Snorkeling in Phuket

Go Snorkeling or Diving:

Phuket is known for its vibrant coral reefs and marine life. Take a snorkeling or diving tour and explore the underwater world of Phuket.

Visit a Night Market:

Phuket is home to several night markets where you can try local street food, shop for souvenirs, and enjoy live entertainment. The Chillva Market and Phuket Weekend Market are popular choices.

Enjoy a Thai Massage:

A Thai massage is a great way to relax and unwind after a busy day of sightseeing. There are plenty of spas and massage parlors in Phuket where you can indulge in a traditional Thai massage.

In conclusion, a 3-day family trip to Phuket offers endless opportunities for fun, adventure, and relaxation. From exploring the historic Old Town to visiting elephant sanctuaries and relaxing on the beach, there’s something for everyone in Phuket. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to create unforgettable family memories in this beautiful destination.